Lets get this blog started!


Starting today, I will be maintaining this blog about game development (dev logs, game design analysis, etc), software development (insights on emerging tech and practices, opinions, etc) and other topics that could be related to those universes.

But Ian, what is your goal with that?
Well, I`m glad you asked. For years I have been considering documenting knowledge and insights I have but I simply did not have the time and the patience to do so. But now I am (finally) graduated and since I am investing in game and software development I feel that it is a great opportunity to start writing about things I find interesting.

How often will you post?
Short term, I will make a simple post every week. Long term, I plan to do daily posts and more detailed analysis once every two or three weeks. My main goal right now is to get used to blogging and creating engagement and that can take some time to warm up.

How can I follow you?
I will be regularly posting links for my blog on my social media, which you can follow using the following links:

Anything else?
Actually, yes! I plan also to actually starting posting on my YouTube channel. So, stay tuned for news regarding that!

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